Why use the Trust Travelscheme?

The cost of public transport can be high, particularly if fares are paid for on a daily basis.

The average cost of commuting to work on public transport is £2.80 per day for a simple bus journey. This increases to an average of £4.80 per day if the commute involves changing bus services or combining bus and metro.

Paying a public transport fare every day can end up costing a staggering £100 per month in some cases and can also increase the hassle of the commute in having to make sure that you have change available every day etc.

What is the Trust Travelscheme?

The Trust Travelscheme has been set up to enable Trust staff to purchase annual season tickets for travel on public transport.

The Trust purchases an annual travel pass on behalf of the applicant and the cost of the travel pass is then deducted in 12 affordable monthly instalments from salary through payroll deduction. The deductions are taxable as the scheme is not a salary sacrifice initiative.

The Travelscheme offers not only great savings but also makes travelling every day so much easier as you are provided with an annual pass which can be used at all times and have the payments taken each month directly from your salary. In short the Trust Travelscheme makes commuting easy and affordable

If you commute by public transport on a regular basis the Travelscheme will save you money

Further information and frequently asked questions can be found on this website.