Staff Survey 2013


In October we will be participating in the NHS Staff Survey where 850 randomly selected staff employed by the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust will be asked to fill in a staff survey questionnaire.

The survey asks for your views about your job and about working for the Trust. The aim of the survey is to gather information that will help us to improve the working lives of staff, and so provide better care for patients.

The survey also includes some additional questions where the Trust would like to understand your views.

The Care Quality Commission will use survey data to monitor registration compliance. The survey data will also enable the Department of Health and other national NHS bodies to assess the effectiveness of national workforce policies and strategies on, for example, training, flexible working policies, safety at work, and to inform future developments in these areas.

The 2013 questionnaire asks questions about your job, your work with colleagues, the leadership and supervision you receive, health and safety, and your views on the Trust where you work. The survey is an important way of ensuring that the views of staff working in the NHS inform local improvements and support national assessments of quality and safety, and delivery of the NHS Constitution. The latter includes four pledges to staff that set out, for the first time, what the NHS expects from its staff and what staff can expect from the NHS as an employer.

Questionnaires will be returned to an external survey contractor who administers the survey, so no one from this Trust will be able to see individual responses.

The survey findings will be reported in a summary report, in which individuals cannot be identified. Our local results will be available in early 2014 and benchmarked results from all organisations in England.

For advice and support about the survey, please visit the NHS Staff Survey Co-ordination Centre website at