In October 2011 the ninth National NHS Survey was undertaken, which was designed to collect the views of staff about their work and the healthcare organisation they work for.
The overall aim of the survey was to gather information that would help improve the working lives of NHS staff and so provide better care for patients.

The 2011 Survey was designed by Picker Institute Europe and the Department of Health; who consulted widely with NHS Organisations.

The questionnaire was split into nine sections and covered the following areas:
1. Work‐Life Balance
2. Training, Learning and Development
3. Your Job and Your Organisation
4. Errors, Near Misses and Incidents
5. Violence, Bullying and Harassment
6. Occupational Health and Safety
7. Infection Control and Hygiene
8. Health and Well‐Being
9. Background details

The number of staff surveyed was 850, of which 477 staff completed and returned a survey questionnaire. When ineligible staff were included in the calculation, the organisation’s finalresponse rate was determined to be 58.60%.

The Sample Frequency Data Survey Report can be viewed by clicking here

The Indicitive Key Finding Report can be viewed by clicking here