Leaving the Trust / No longer require pass:

  1. 1. You must notify the Staff Benefits Office, Regent Point that you are leaving or no longer require you pass.
  2. 2. Your pass must be returned to the Staff Benefits Office only (no other person / department should return it on your behalf)
  3. 3. You will be liable for any outstanding payments (usually one month arrears) and a £20 cancellation fee. This will be deducted from the next available salary. If salary is not available an invoice will be sent for any outstanding balance and an additional £20 administration fee will apply.
  4. 4. Passes are to be returned to the Staff Benefits Office no later than 12pm on the 14th of the month. Passes returned after this date is liable for an additional monthly charge. Passes should be delivered by hand where possible or recorded delivery if posted.
  5. 5. Replacement passes (i.e. insurance claim passes) are non-refundable.
  6. 6. Failure to return your travel pass if you leave the Trust will result in an invoice for the full outstanding amount plus an additional £20 administration fee. The Trust will pursue debts legally if necessary.