Lost, damaged or stolen travel passes:

  1. A one-off insurance payment will be deducted the first time a Network One, Metrosaver or Mainline Rail pass is ordered. This payment will entitle the holder to one free replacement pass per annum in the event of loss, theft or damage which renders the pass completely ineligible. Go North East (£20), Arriva (£25) and Stagecoach (£20) issue charges only if a claim is made and only one claim per annum is permissible.
  2. Replacement passes are non-refundable and cannot be transferred. You are still liable for costs of the pass if you no longer require or lose a replacement pass.
  3. Replacement pass wallets are available on request from Nexus Travel Shops. If a photocard is lost, the pass is invalid until it is replaced and there is a charge made by some suppliers for a replacement photocard.

Please contact the IWL Departement (ext 20735) with a lost property number from the police and a new passport photo to commence your insurance claim.