Public Transport - Making the journey to work easy

Tyne and Wear benefits from some of the best public transport links in the North East, providing a good bus network, the Metro, local rail services and even a ferry. With all of the different types of transport available, different bus companies, etc it is often confusing which services you can and cannot use, knowing what type of ticket to ask for and paying for your fares on a daily basis makes public transport seem expensive, but there are real benefits to using public transport which include:

You can sit back and relax while listening to your iPod or reading a book

It provides better access to traffic-restricted town centres

The cost is actually often less than the real cost of the same journey by car

There is no need to find or pay for a space for the car

It can be quicker due to the Metro line or bus lanes

A chance to socialise

Many perceive public transport to be slow, infrequent, unreliable and expensive. It is fair to say that sometimes this is still the case due to traffic jams and other factors but on the whole, the Metro is extremely reliable, as are buses, and it doesn't have to be expensive. Even travelling by car can be frustrating due to increased traffic levels, high fuel costs, the cost of running a car and paying for parking. This all means that using the car is becoming more expensive by the day.

The Trust provide a scheme which makes public transport extremely competitive when compared to the cost of running a car. Staff can benefit from a great deal on public transport costs through the Travelscheme and details on public transport in general including timetables, complaints, are available in our Public Transport Information section.