NHS National Staff Survey

Background to survey

The National Staff Survey was designed to reflect the four themes that staff have said matter to them. These themes informed the Next Stage Review and the staff pledges in the draft NHS Constitution, both published in June 2008.

The survey results will be used by:
• Employers ‐ to inform improvements in working conditions and practices at a local level,and to make progress in involving and engaging staff.
• Care Quality Commission ‐ who will use the survey findings in their Annual Health Check,as part of NHS organisations’ compliance with Department of Health core standards.
• The DoH – and other national bodies, who will assess the effectiveness of national NHS staff policies, such as training and flexible working policies, as well as to inform future developments in these areas.

The NHS National Staff Survey is carried out an an annual basis and involves random selection of 850 Trust employees. The purpose of the NHS National Staff Survey is to give staff the oppotunity to anonymously give their views on what it is like to work for our Trust.

The survey is confidential and the Trust do not select who is surveyed. The staff are selected randomly from a list of all staff provided and at no point are individual employees details disclosed with regard to reposonses.

The data received by the Trust contains no personal information and no information which can even disclose which department you work in. However, the survey is aimed at allowing the selected staff to become a voice for all others and the views expressed are provided in a report which help the Trust understand staff views. The final report is often used to review processes and to make changes to address concerns and it is therefore vital that staff complete their survey if one is issued.

Previous survey results from 2008 can be viewed by selecting the year of survey.