Please explore as much of this site as possible to see what the Trust are doing to meet the objectives of our Travel Plan. There are some excellent benefits through Green Transport initiatives that can help you save money, feel healthier and contribute to tackling a growing number of environmental issues caused by pollution. Look at the some of the benefits that green transport initiatives can provide and decide for yourself if you can at least try some of them, such as cycling, walking or using public transport when planning your journey to and from work and try and change your general perceptions that a car is essential for all journeys. The Trust does not expect everyone to just stop using a car, but I would encourage staff to think about better use of the car.

Information on the Travelscheme, applying for a pass and anything on salary sacrifice scheme is managed and delivered by the Staff Benefits Team by email at benefits.everyone@nuth.nhs.uk or by phone on ext 20735 (prefix 28 if dialling from an external line).

Cycling issues, cycle parking, accessibility and information on other transport services such as the Hopper, Trust Shuttle, Taxis, Couriers etc can be made in person to the Transport Office, Freeman Hospital, by email to enquiries.carparking@nuth.nhs.uk or by phone on ext 31353 (prefix 23 if dialling from an external line)