The disability staff network meets regularly, on a bi-monthly basis, with the aim of supporting members of staff in their working lives and promoting awareness of  equality and inclusion  within the Trust.

In particular, the group has been working hard to improve accessibility of information and support to both managers and staff in improving the work environment and access to work for disabled staff and prospective applicants.

The network has had a strong presence at the Equality and Diversity week, educating staff on a range of health conditions and hopes to continue this work.

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For further information emails can be directed in confidence to

The Network is always welcoming new members and membership is open to any staff member who has an interest in supporting equality for disabled staff. If you are interested in becoming a member of the staff network, please forward your details to

Why have members joined the network?

"I joined the network to raise awareness of difficult issues facing disabled staff working in trust"

"I use my knowledge and experiences to advise others to try and enhance their working experiences."

"The network has been beneficial in meeting other people in the same category. I attended the recent social evening and shared some experiences with like-minded people"

"I joined the disability network to find support.  I have gained support and understanding from the network."

"I joined the staff network as I has an invisible illness and sometimes struggle to find someone who understands how I feel."

"I joined the network to help promote Equality and Diversity for staff in the Trust. The network offers a chance to meet with likeminded individuals and help make positive change."

"I feel that the people in the staff networks understand me and how I feel, I feel less isolated as a disabled person"